Squash is a racquet sport played by two (singles) or four players (doubles) in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. Squash’s use of stringed racquets is shared with tennis. The players must alternate in striking the ball with their racquet and hit the ball onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court.

In the 19th century the game increased in popularity with various schools, clubs and even private citizens building squash courts, but with no set dimensions. In April 1907 the Tennis, Rackets & Fives Association set up a sub committee to set standards for squash.

Squash balls are between 39.5 and 40.5 mm in diameter, and have a mass of 23 to 25 grams.They are made with two pieces of rubber compound, glued together to form a hollow sphere and buffed to a matte finish.  Different balls are provided for varying temperature and atmospheric conditions and standards of play.

Attitude Air pass Wooden Flooring system, confirming the requirement of World Squash Federation (WSF), consists of Kiln Seasoned imported Hard Maple or European Sycamore Wood surface boards and the under frame made of Imported Pine Wood runners from New Zealand, Australia or Germany.
Exhaustively tested by leading competent authorities, Glass Wall System meets all recommended safety standards and building codes. The design, manufacture and installation of all components are rigorously controlled and guarantees that repeated high energy impacts can be withstood without breakage whilst still providing an ideal court wall. The unique door hinge completely eliminates the risk of finger being trapped in the door. The glass walls give spectators a clear unimpeded view of the action happening on the court which also helps in coaching and provides a good view for the referee and Mach Participates. The material used is wholly compatible with 12 mm toughened glass and able to cope with the constant stresses applied.
Hard Plaster System gives the finest court surface with unique combination of great strength with whiteness. Hard wall plaster system needs no painting or cleaning to restore it back to its pristine state. Minimum life expectancy exceeds any plaster product currently available in the world.These walls are compliant with all specifications and standards defined by the WSF. This system has been tried and tested all over the world. Moreover, it can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions from sub-arctic to desert. Squash Hard Plaster System has been proved for excellent durability for high impact resistance, flat and true predictable rebound surfaces, superb reflectance, ball visibility and cost effectiveness.
No. Court sizes Width Length Height Min. ceiling height
1 International Squash Court 21′ 32′ 15’/7′ 18′-6″
2 North American Singles Squash Court 18′-6″ 32′ 16’/12′ 18′-6″
3 North American Doubles Squash Court 25′ 45′ 20′ 23′
4 Racquetball Court 20′ 40′ 20′ 20′