Wooden Sports Surface

Attitude Air pass Wooden Surface Flooring is safe and injury free sports floor with excellent and consistent resiliency, friction and ball bounce. It is designed to nullify injury impact on various parts of a human body. It meets all the requirements laid down by respective International Agencies/Bodies/Federations, for various kinds of sports surfaces in respect to shock absorption, energy consumption, ball bounce, restitution and stability. It also provides an optimal balance between friction and slide, which is necessary to improve performance and enhance comfort.

Players of all levels and age find comfort and safety in our wooden flooring systems. Our shock absorbing rubber pads protect the body from injuries, wear and tear, fatigue and help in extending playing careers. The flooring surface are produced from FSC certified Imported Maple /Teak/ Beech / Oak logs etc. We do not compromise and risk the quality standards. These wooden species have been internationally recognized/ accepted by respective sports governing bodies and are selected for its exceptional strength, durability and high resistance to wear and tear. The wood is kiln seasoned/dried and pressure treated with anti termite chemicals in closed vessels. Proper care is taken to minimize the risk of contraction/expansion, which is a natural characteristic of wood. The floor boards are specially machined to a tongue and groove design for concealed joints. Attitude flooring is resistant to wear and tear which can happen with vigorous and extensive use by the players. Selection and use of uniform colour floor tiles ensure clear and equal visibility of ball while playing. Stains and dirt can be effectively cleaned with basic care. The International Standards and Specifications are strictly adhered to. Attitude Air-Pass Wooden flooring is a preferred status for use in prestigious clubs, gymkhanas, stadiums, schools and other organizations.

Product Range

Badminton Court

Basketball Court

Squash Court

Volleyball Court

Multipurpose Hall




Health Clubs etc.


Effective ball response, bounce and vision quality.

Affordable, maintenance free and long-lasting multi-sport flooring.

Use of Natural/EPDM/ Silicon rubber air- cush pads

Tightly interlocked Tongue and Groove System

Exclusive use of Bona Polish which is Anti Skid and DIN approved.

Polyurethane lacquer at the bottom side of surface board to prevent

Internationally approved and technically sound laying system.

Safe and injury free playing surface moisture gains.